Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I sent a message about volunteering and/or displaying a lawn sign. I’ve changed my mind.

No worries! Please send me an email at and inform me, and I will remove your lawn sign and/or volunteer request.

I or a family member gave my contact info to Sergio at the door, a campaign volunteer, and/or this website. What happens to my personal information?

All personal information given and received by the Sergio Morales Campaign is for the purposes of the election. If you do not wish to be contacted further, please email me at with the email title “opt-out campaign info” and let me know, and your contact info will be deleted permanently.

I am in one of the pictures on the website and I do not want it shown.

Please email me at with your name, number, and the picture in question.

I want to make a campaign contribution!

Hi Sergio, I'm
my contact info is
& I'd like to make a personal financial contribution to your campaign!
($1,200 CAN limit per Ontario resident)

I want to volunteer!

Hi Sergio, I'm
I want to help volunteer on your campaign! My number is:
I'm interested in:

I want a lawn sign!

Hi Sergio, I'm
You have my permission to place a